Advanced OKR Course – OKR Champion Certificate with Coaching

Get all the benefits of our advanced OKR course including the OKR Champion Certification plus strategic one-on-one coaching calls with Carsten Ley, an OKR professional with over 7 years experience in the field having successfully implemented Strategy & Goal Setting programs for companies like Lazada, Panasonic, Happy Fresh, Ebay, Hafele, City Holdings, etc.

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About This Course

Advanced OKR Course with Expert Coaching: Transformative Learning for Aspiring Leaders

Embark on a journey of advanced learning with our Advanced OKR course, designed for individuals looking to master the art of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). 

Exclusive Two-Hour Coaching Session – A Game Changer:

The highlight of this course is an exclusive two-hour one-on-one coaching session with the creator of the course, Carsten Ley. This expert brings years of invaluable experience, having worked with numerous top companies in the APAC region. Here’s what this session offers:

  1.  Personalized Guidance: Tailored specifically to your needs, the coaching session provides personalized advice and insights, ensuring that the learnings from the course are directly applicable to your unique professional context.
  2. Real-World Insights: Leverage the opportunity to gain real-world insights from someone who has successfully implemented OKRs in various top-tier companies. 
  3. Strategic Problem-Solving: Discuss specific challenges you face in your organization & your setting of OKRs in said organization. Carsten will help you strategize and find effective solutions, applying advanced OKR principles.
  4. Enhanced Learning Experience: Carsten’s session enhances the overall learning experience, providing an opportunity to clarify doubts, and solidify your understanding of advanced OKR concepts.

By completing this course and participating in the coaching session, you’ll be uniquely positioned to bring about significant change in your organization. You’ll have the skills & confidence to implement OKR strategies effectively, drive your team towards excellence, and stand out as a leader in strategic goal setting and execution.

Learning Objectives

This course enables to be an OKR Champion to plan, roll-out and facilitate goal-setting by OKRs in your organizations.
It further helps you to acquire a new agile facilitation skill-set and qualification to boost your profile towards working in agile and modern enterprises and to make a real OKR implementation assignment with 2 Coaching hours from OKR Asia, please book on

Material Includes

  • Slides
  • Quiz per Module
  • Final exam & Certification
  • Implementation Assignment


  • For this course we recommend previous experience as OKR user or alternatively to take our OKR Practitioner Certification Training first as additional preparation.

Target Audience

  • Everyone who is or will be in charge to plan, roll-out or facilitate OKRs in their organizations and everyone who would like to update their personal profile with a new exciting agile skill-set and role "OKR Champion". Everyone who needs to roll-out OKRs in the organization as soon as possible or overhaul the current OKR process.


8 Lessons7h

OKR Champion Pro

The Role of OKR Champions00:00:00
The Role of OKR Champions
OKRs in the organization00:00:00
OKR in Organisations
From Strategies to OKRs00:00:00
From Strategy to OKRs
Different kind of Key Results & Measurements00:00:00
Different kind of Key Results
Action / Project Management & OKR tools00:00:00
Action / Project Management & OKR Tools
OKR as part of Agile Management00:00:00
OKR as part of Agile Management
Bonus, Motivation & Rewards with OKRs00:00:00
Bonus, Motivations & Rewards
Facilitation & Change Management Skills00:00:00

Final OKR Champion Certification Exam

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Looking forward to use the concepts.

Good experience. Looking forward to learn how to implement it.

A useful refresher to learn about the best practices that one should be aware of when rolling out OKR across the team.

Easy to understand, practical techniques are taught to help the OKR setup immediately.

Simple, short and easy to understand



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Duration 7 hours
8 lectures

Material Includes

  • Slides
  • Quiz per Module
  • Final exam & Certification
  • Implementation Assignment

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