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Join our Advanced OKR Course to master strategic goal-setting techniques & become a certified OKR Champion. Elevate your leadership with proven methods and real-world applications for achieving excellence in your organization.

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About This Course

With this advanced course become a certified OKR champion, ready to facilitate OKRs in your organization!

1. Steer the Overall OKR Process: Master the art of guiding your organization through the OKR journey. From setting realistic objectives to ensuring their successful execution, you’ll be the driving force behind the entire OKR cycle.

2. Facilitate Team-Level Workshops & Reviews: Develop and conduct engaging workshops and reviews at the team level. These sessions are essential for aligning team goals with organizational objectives and for keeping everyone on track.

3. Coach Team Leads & Members on OKRs: Provide expert coaching to both leaders and team members. Your guidance will be crucial in helping them understand and effectively use OKRs to drive performance and results.

4. Lead Reviews & Retrospectives: Facilitate insightful reviews and retrospectives that foster continuous improvement. These sessions are key to evaluating progress, learning from experiences, and setting the stage for future cycles.

5. Enable Change Management, Communication & Celebration: Be the catalyst for change within your organization. Implement effective communication strategies and celebrate key milestones to keep the team motivated and focused on the goals ahead.

Become a Certified OKR Champion: Facilitate OKRs Effectively in Your Organization

In this advanced course, you’ll embrace the role of an OKR Champion, comparable to a Scrum Master in Agile Management, but with a specialized focus on mastering Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). As an OKR Champion, you are not just a facilitator of goals; you are a catalyst for organizational success.

Your Role in your organization as a certified OKR champ

As an OKR Champion, your part-time role will be pivotal in supporting your organization, specific functions, or teams. You will ensure everyone grasps the essentials of OKRs and stays engaged throughout the OKR journey. This advanced course empowers you to be the catalyst for setting and achieving breakthrough goals, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Join us on this transformative journey and become the advanced OKR Champion your organization needs to thrive in a results-driven world.


Learning Objectives

This advanced course enables you to be an OKR Champion to plan, roll-out and facilitate goal-setting by OKRs in your organisations.
It further helps you to acquire a new agile facilitation skill-set and qualification to boost your profile towards working in agile and modern enterprises

Material Includes

  • Slides
  • Quiz per Module
  • Final exam & Certification


  • For this course we recommend previous experience as an OKR user or alternatively to take our OKR Practitioner Certification Training first as additional preparation.

Target Audience

  • Everyone who is or will be in charge of planning, rolling out or facilitating OKRs in their organizations and everyone who would like to update their personal profile with a new exciting agile skill-set and role of certified "OKR Champion"


8 Lessons5h

OKR Champion

The Role of OKR Champions00:00:00
Quiz: Are you an OKR Champ?
OKRs in the organization00:00:00
Quiz: Can you implement OKRs in your Organisations?
From Strategies to OKRs00:00:00
Quiz: Can you break down the Strategy into OKRs?
Different kind of Key Results & Measurements00:00:00
Quiz: Can you handle different kind of KRs?
Action / Project Management & OKR tools00:00:00
Quiz: Can you translate Actions & Project results into OKRs?
OKR as part of Agile Management00:00:00
Quiz: Can you align OKRs with Sprints and other agile techniques?
Bonus, Motivation & Rewards with OKRs00:00:00
Quiz: Can you incentivize and motivate with OKRs?
Facilitation & Change Management Skills00:00:00

Final OKR Champion Certification Exam

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Student Feedback

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Reviews (12)

Pragmatic and insightful


Good course.

Succint with good specific "tips" in writing O and KR

Quite useful


Very helpful and good match for me

very effective course.

Great course to learn all about OKRs

Good information and training to help better facilitate rollout of OKR at work

Practical and very simple to understand.

Working in IT industry for more than 15 years, leading scrum teams and working in agile way, this course came as a perfect fit to complement my knowledge on how to adopt and take in practice OKRs. Material is well synthesised, with relevant examples. The bonus module on motivation and change management was closing the loop very well. I would recommend this to anybody who has been reading a bit about OKRs and is unsure how to do this in practice. This will create good clarity and set the foundation (what to do, what not to do). And for the ones who love human interaction, I recommend to go with OKR Champ Pro as it includes two coaching sessions already in the package ;) . Beside the online training, I was positively impressed with the responsiveness and dedication the founder handled my requests and questions. Thumbs up!



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Duration 5 hours
8 lectures

Material Includes

  • Slides
  • Quiz per Module
  • Final exam & Certification

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