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Embark on an empowering OKR journey with our transformative 'OKR Training Introduction' video. Let the seasoned expert, Carsten Ley, guide you through real-life scenarios, illustrating the tangible impact of OKRs in everyday situations. Gain a profound understanding of how OKRs, rooted in a results-driven bottom-up approach, can revolutionize your approach to goal-setting.

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About This Course

Welcome to our ‘OKR Introduction Course, the ideal starting point for professionals to understand the OKR journey. This is a free video which introduces you to our course and what you can expect. 

Please download our OKR preparation template and have it handy throughout your learning process.

Learning Objectives

Gain an understanding of what are Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) how to focus on setting clear, measurable goals. Learn how OKRs differ from traditional goal-setting methods, emphasizing their unique approach to aligning ambitious objectives with specific, quantifiable outcomes.

Material Includes

  • Videos


  • Watch our free video to get a first glimpse or better understanding why and how OKRs can support your organisation

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to know what OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) are and are interested in incorporating them to measure their organization’s success while staying aligned with their strategy and vision.


1 Lesson30m

OKR Intro

Understand what are OKRs (Objectives & Key Result), how they can support your organization and the basics how to develop and implement them.
OKR Intro Video24:59

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Ezxcellent course

Easy and Friendly to understand! nice examples! thank you!!!

It expanded the basic knowledge I had on OKRs

This helped us apply the fundamentals to solve our problems and keep everything well organized.


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Duration 30 minutes
1 lecture

Material Includes

  • Videos

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